Why wrap your vehicle?

Your vehicle acts as prime mobile real estate as you travel around town, especially for businesses that provide local services. Rather than let that space go to waste, adding a vehicle wrap or decal can draw attention to your company without any effort on your part except to go about business as usual. Don't feel like covering your entire vehicle? No problem -- we also do 25 percent and 75 percent vehicle wraps. Get in touch with us to review your ideas and we'll put together a custom quote for your project.

What  can be wrapped?

The list is only limited by your imagination, but some of the most popular things to wrap are:

• Cars • Vans • Trucks • Trailers • Semi-Truck Cabs • Semi-Truck Trailers • Boats • Motorcycles •


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High Definition Graphics

Whether you're wrapping a single vehicle or an entire fleet, Ogden Signs and Graphics has you covered -- literally. We use premium brand name materials to create our custom vinyl wraps to ensure your result is up to even the most demanding standards. Stand out from the traffic with a high definition vinyl wrap from Ogden Signs and Graphics.

Design & Production

Do you already have a design worked up or do you need one created? Either way, Ogden Signs and Graphics is here to help with the entire vehicle wrap design and installation process from start to finish. If you have an internal graphic design team working up your artwork, we can provide a helpful vehicle template for them to use.

Our Clients

The variety of companies that can benefit from vehicle wraps is almost unending. Ogden Signs and Graphics is proud to serve a wide range of companies along the Wasatch Front ranging from car dealerships to advertising agencies to retail stores and beyond. Contact us to find out more about how our services can benefit your particular business.

Installation & Removal

Installing a vehicle wrap can be tricky to say the least. Let our 3M-trained installation team take the reins to ensure your wrap looks its very best. Different jobs have different lead times, so contact us to find out an estimate on how long your particular job will take. When you're ready to update your design, let our professionals handle removal.

What makes a vehicle wrap effective?

In a nutshell, your graphic should be short, sweet, and to the point. Imagine stopping at a red light and looking to the side, then consider the amount of information you could take in during that time. An effective vehicle wrap needs to immediately communicate your company's ideals, products, or services in almost an instant. Achieving this design can be tricky, so why not leave it to the experts? Our designers are well-versed in creating effective vehicle wraps, so give us your two cents and we'll take it from there.


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