Why use fabric graphics?

Fabric graphics have an elevated level of elegance and provide your space with a more refined appearance versus using a standard gloss print that shines and reflects light in distracting ways. Set the tone when clients first walk into your establishment with a lobby statement piece, showcase products or services with vibrant imagery, brand your event with a photography backdrop -- custom fabric graphics are suited to a wide range of uses. Get in touch with us to review your ideas and we'll put together a custom quote for your project.


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Location, Location, Location

Custom fabric graphics are extremely versatile when it comes to their placement. Thanks to their matte finish, light reflection doesn't need to be a consideration when choosing a location for your graphic, so you can use them in lobbies, meeting rooms, or anywhere else where you'd like some added vibrancy without obnoxious glare. These graphics can be mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or stood up on their own with free-standing feet. Have a particularly unique spot you'd like to put your graphic? Contact us and we'll be happy to come up with some inventive solutions.

Fabric Graphic Features

Fabric graphics have a wide range of benefits when compared to their vinyl counterparts, one of which is weight -- fabric graphics tend to weigh 1/3 less than a vinyl banner of the same size. For those who like to make sustainable choices, fabric graphics are a great option since oftentimes they can be repurposed or recycled to save adding any more burden to landfills. These graphics can have beautifully vibrant hues that won't reflect annoying glare, so they're perfect for lobbies, behind a reception desk, in a meeting room, or anywhere else.

Off-Site Branding

Are you taking your show on the road? We create custom fabric graphics for a variety of uses such as trade shows, product demonstrations, media days, and more. Any event can benefit from the right branding, and with our wide variety of banner stands, feather flags, posters, and other portable displays to choose from, you're sure to find the right solution for your company. Not sure what you're looking for? Contact us to get some expert advice on what type of custom fabric graphics will work best for your event.

Fabric Graphics vs. Vinyl Graphics

Fabric graphics and vinyl graphics can generally be used interchangeably, but one option has a distinct advantage over the other when it comes to a high-quality result. Fabric graphics are the solution of choice for companies who wish to convey a sense of elegance, refinement, and class in any space and can be ironed to remove creases, are lightweight and easy to transport, and absorb light for a vibrant look without any glare. Fabric graphics are especially useful as photography backdrops because they won't reflect the flash of the camera. Not sure whether you should use fabric graphics or vinyl graphics? Contact our team for a free consultation.


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