Uses for Banners and Flags

Custom banners and flags are useful tools for businesses who want to draw additional attention to their storefront, event, product demonstration, or anything else. These items are typically a low-cost option when compared to larger branded items, so they're perfect for companies needing to up their marketing presence while still staying within a tight budget. Contact our team today to find out more about what Ogden Signs and Graphics can do for you.


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Are you hosting an outdoor media event, product demonstration, customer appreciation day, or employee field day? Banners and flags are designed with outdoor use in mind, so they are made from weatherproof materials such as vinyl and polyester. These marketing materials won't fade or run in the rain and can be reused time and time again, making them an exceptionally budget-friendly branding option.

Larger than Life

Companies choose custom banners and flags when they want to stand out from the crowd. A custom table cloth looks nice and little giveaway items are fun, but none of that is effective unless you catch the eye of potential customers and draw them over to your location in the first place. Ogden Signs and Graphics specializes in creating vibrant and attention-grabbing banners and flags to help your company get the customer traffic it wants.

Recyclable and Reusable

Are you trying to cut down on your company's waste? Custom banners and flags can be reused over and over again so that you're not adding to the landfill with every marketing event you hold. Even once that current logo or branding style has been replaced with a new one, you can recycle and upcycle these items by turning them into art pieces in the company lunch room or making them into gifts for your company executives. Get a little creative, and your custom banners and flags can have a new life.

Banners vs. Flags

Certain marketing materials lend themselves best to certain applications -- luckily, Ogden Signs and Graphics has over 40 years of experience in the business, so we can help you to figure out exactly which product will best suit your needs. Flags tend to be a good choice when you're trying to attract attention from far away, such as on the curb next to a street or at a product demonstration when you want people to be able to find your company easily. Banners are excellent for directional signs at events, branding tools inside of your store, or as a temporary company sign while your more permanent option is being created. Whatever need you have, our expert customer service team can help you figure out exactly which product will work best for you.